Take a walk through the world famous Cat Head Records in Clarksdale, MS and you will find more than a dozen albums with Bobby Gentilo’s name credited on the jacket.

Gentilo is an award-winning international record producer and musician who has worked and performed with some of Mississippi’s most acclaimed blues artists over the last 15 years. He is also a member of The Cornlickers, the backing band for the late Big Jack Johnson. For the last several years, The Cornlickers has been knighted official house band for the world famous juke joint, Red’s Lounge, located in the heart of Clarksdale. Its here where Gentilo performed with and learned from Delta icons like Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Terry “Harmonica” Bean, T-Model Ford, “Cadillac” John Nolden, Robert Bilbo Walker, R.L. Boyce, and countless others. 

Born and raised in Washington DC, Gentilo was infected by Go-Go – a blend of funk, soul, and blues music unique to the region. “There were few boundaries. The color of your skin didn’t dictate what music you could or couldn’t play,” he explains, “All that matters is – can you groove?” Go-Go and Mississippi Blues both inspire couples to dance close and sweaty. It’s party music. The unique combination of these two genres became the foundation to Gentilo’s style.

Currently, Gentilo has been touring the United States, South America, and Europe spreading the word of Mississippi Delta and Hill Country Blues with Colombian born blues artist, Carlos Elliot. Together, they have reached #1 with three separate songs on the Colombian national radio station, Radiónica. In early 2019, Elliot and Gentilo performed their music with a 50-piece orchestra for a sold out theater in Pereira, Colombia – the first time in history that a symphony and hill-country blues came together. 

Within his own musical journey—and while developing the best in others as a producer—he rejects the fear of failure. He firmly believes that minimizing doubt maximizes opportunity.




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